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Directors, producers, celebrities, models, actors, musicians, politicians, and many more are welcome on "The Show." Geoffrey Hill, the show host, gets to know everybody, watches film clips, talks about stuff, and asks crazy questions (you might even think he has a screw loose!). Bring your best face and biggest smiles on "The Show."
Boundless energy, sincere compasion. That's how you describe Valerie. Business is always personal...and that's a good thing! Join The Valerie King Show as Valerie gets the nitty gritty, makes friends and creates relationships with people who find ways to turn lemons into lemonade
Film has a power beyond entertainment, it can also shape perception and effect social change. Join filmmakers around the globe as they premiere films that guide audiences across national borders, religious faith, political partisanship, and social influence on the world's only 100% live virtual film festival. The festival is open to all genres with an emphasis on social, political, and faith works of art. If your film moves people to influences people, it belongs on the World Film Festival.
Success is defined by you, the individual. Success is whatever you decide it is. It's about truly being happy with who you are and what you do. Each guest has an inspirational story that paints a picture of how they define their successes and how they created them. Join the Shaping Success LIVE show every week as we discover what shapes success!
The biggest Jet Ski show in the world, Yeah Buddy's Rec Rider Report featuring the top brand, top riders, top everything in Jet Ski worldwide.
People love live television!

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Product Demonstrations

Adonica and the Hometown TV show are designed to help you highlight your brand showing off the most important features of your products. Use videos, photos and live stream to get the attention of your customers and provide them important details about your featured products or services.

Product Demonstrations
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Want to spread the word about partner companies you work with, publications that gave your products or services a positive review, or highlight the technologies you use to bring your product to life? Get on the Adonica show and share the great news!

Bring your whole team!
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When making the decision to buy a product or subscribe to a service, viewers are often looking for hard numbers they can use to gauge whether the purchase is worth it to them. The info you provide on our shows helps viewers decide where they spend their money so you can close deals and expand your brand reach.

Deliver the details

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Use this calendar to schedule a timeslot on "The Show" or to meet with somebody regarding a project you are seeking assistance with.

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