Two Guys Fork is a classic food show and Korean mokbang fused into one show.

How It Works

Step 1
The Guys show up at your restaurant at the day and time you specify. They will do a little filming outside so people will recognize your restaurant from the street. Feel free to tell people that we are coming to record the show. A packed house is always good for the show.
Step 2
You pick your 2 best dishes that represent who you are and what you want your prospective customers to crave. Simple or fancy it’s your place and you know it best.
Step 3
The Guys will set up lighting, sound and cameras.
Step 4
When The Guys are ready, you bring the 2 meals out to them.
Step 5
They eat and discuss the food (ALL POSITIVE) we are not a bash show.
Step 6
If possible, we invite the owner/manager/chef (1 or 2 of them) to come on camera for a few min and talk about the restaurant/food/history.
Step 7
The Guys finish up and talk about the food some more and the show is done.
Step 8
We bring the finished show back to our studio and get it ready to air.
Step 9
We let you know when it's going to air so you can let people know when and where to see it.