Enterprise-grade, Secure, Reliable, Private, Password-Protected, SELL VIRTUAL EVENT TICKETS, livestream for Meetings, Conferences, Exposition, Summit, Sports, School, Weddings, Funerals, Church, Concerts, Social Media, TV shows, Film Festivals, Movie Premieres, Private events and more.

When you need to sell Tickets & host virtual events you need Secure, Reliable, Interactive Livestream.  You need to read this!


You can sell tickets to your virtual event

Securely stream to 1 or thousands of participants worldwide

Host your event where thousands of guests can participate from anywhere

You can do it all right here on TVpbn.com/yourconference

  • We stream across multiple CDN simultaneously so your attendees do not suffer internet congestion bottlenecking.
  • All streams are delivered on Tier-1 network of networks across 12 CDN for reliable redundancy.  One CDN is great but tying 12 together is heavenly.
  • Streams are load-balanced across multiple CDN to prevent stuttering or the dreaded complete loss of the stream when viewers are remote
  • Fully managed live virtual conference productions where you are in control. 
  • You control who participates.  Fully moderated by you or somebody you assign
  • Live moderated Q&A sessions, unlimited incoming participants, you are the moderator, you are in control
  • Remote presenters with live powerpoint/keynote presented simultaneously
  • Attendees can chat & video conference alongside your event
  • Breakout rooms for anything you need
  • Presenters can be live or pre-recorded and played out to "look live"
  • All production is handled by live personnel.
  • We are not an automated alghorithm, we are real people working to make things smooth for you
  • We take care of your needs personally.
  • You can talk to us directly, during your event, as the show proceeds.
  • We maintain a live connection with your show hosts.
  • Livestream your virtual event so it feels like a show on-stage
  • Everything can be run according to your schedule, ie;  Presenter start times, stop times, breaks, sponsor ad rollins, etc. 
  • Collect registration fees
  • Low-Latency streams worldwide
  • Provide secure livestreams that play only at a specific URL (streams are locked to play only on a specific domain or URL and can not be leached)
  • Video ad space/vendor ads can be played within the livestream for additional sponsor opportunities for you
  • Video-on-demand of your seminars can be hosted/watched later by attendees
  • Sell your seminars as Video-on-demand or downloadable assets after the conference
  • Presenters can be remote as realtime livestreams OR send their presentations in as video files
  • Presentations playout on your schedule
  • Twitter feeds can incorporate into your livestreamSSL secure encrypted connections
  • Moderated commenting

Who we are

We are the production guys who provide the AV services at your conventions.  But now that conferences and conventions have gone virtual we provide the same attention to detail and tech ability to you virtually.  

The biggest worry for most virtual events

One of the biggest concerns in going virtual is security, reliability and redundancy.  To us this means that the outgoing livestream must be secure so it can not be stolen.  You want that same stream to be reliable and redundant so all viewers can see it no matter where they are or what kind of internet connection they have.  

We also believe you want a place where you can sell tickets to your event and have attendees login to participate.  We do this right here on TVpbn.com.  There is a simple ticket example at the top of this page.  Currently it's set to be "free" so you can try it out.  Go ahead, sign up for free.  Then login.  It will automatically take you to a sample conference page where you'll see a video playing.  

How can your presenters present?

Your presenters can either present live or they can send us their pre-recorded presentation video and we will play it out, at the right time, as if it's live.  This is called "Simulated live".   Your show host starts off the event just as if they are on stage.  When the first presenter comes on, we switch to their incoming feed and split the screen for their powerpoint/keynote.  You can see the presenter at the same time as the presentation.  Presenters are at home and use their webcam/laptop feeds directly connected to our studio.  From there we bring them into the livestream in the same way you experience a talkshow on TV.  When the presenter concludes, we cut back to your host who introduces the next presenter and so on until your event concludes.  

If your presenters send us pre-recorded video of them presenting they will be able to do live commenting with attendees while their presentation plays out.  This gives an added feeling of presence that attendees love to interact with.

In between presenters, lunch breaks, etc. we can roll in sponsor/vendors ads, videos, remote interviews and other content as you see fit to incorporate into your conference.  You can sell this ad space.

Event attendees (Viewers) can watch and participate on any connected device anywhere in the world.  The livestream is sent to either our website where login is securely managed or you can embed the player on your prefered website.  The advantage to hosting your conference on our website is that attendees will only need one login to access your event, watch video-on-demand, purchase seminars, etc.  

Keeping things secure

Your event livestream is secure.  We utilize domain and stream locking technology so your event livestreams do NOT play anywhere except the location you specific.  The default is to play the livestream here on tvpbn.com/yourconferencename  If somebody were to grab the player codes the stream still will not play anywhere else.  The stream is locked at the streaming server level and only plays where we tell it to play.  

How does it work?

I think the first thing we should note is that we are engineers.  The following may seem super technical but I assure you, it's very user friendly for you.  I'm sure you want a demonstration and we are happy to provide.  So, here goes the details...........

First we setup the URL for your conference.  This URL can be on your website or ours.  IF we host everything we can provide password secured access, sell registration tickets for your event, handle all the authentication for attendees, provide the livestream players, host any videos you want attendees to see when they login, include vendor banners, etc. 

Once your conference URL is setup we then give you access to the call management system.  Using this system presenters connect into the video call where you verify who they are and make sure they are ready to participate.  When you are assured that they are prepared you click a button and their video call is transfered to our studio.  Once their video call is in our studio we finalize their connection, video quality, audio issues, etc.  Then we push their video call to the switchers and they go live at the proper time according to your schedule.  Presenters can run their own powerpoints/keynotes from their locations.  They do not need to send us their presentations ahead of time.  

At the conclusion of each presentation you can open up the video calls for a Q&A session by giving the same call-in link to your attendees.  They then video call into that link and the process repeats, transfer to our studio, we push to the switcher, the presenter and attendee discuss the question..  Upon completion of the questions, we push the next presenter video call to the switcher and they are live.  This process repeats throughout the day.  It's very smooth and easy.  Using this system you have the capacity to bring an unlimited number of presenters and attendees into your show.  This is much more advanced than just a zoom or skype style meeting.  This is live television specific to your conference.

You can easily have multiple presenters in the video call queue long ahead of time ready and waiting for their time slot.  

During Q&A it's just like somebody walking around at the event with a microphone in hand taking questions for the presenter...but now it's all virtual with webcams.   When the Q&A person connects, the call manager ensures the question is valid, gives a priority to the caller, ie;  Hot, medium, cold and transfers the person to the studio.  We see the priority and switch in the hot calls into the show first....Our system can handle unlimited numbers of incoming calls.

This process repeats until your conference is concluded.