Professional Television style Livestream.Fruitland grad ad 001

It is not "zoom" or "skype". 

We create a show based on your timeline of events, your submitted videos, student photos and live student and admin videocalls.  Video Calls directly connect to the studio where we switch them into your ceremony stream just like Television.  The end result is a TV show graduation event featuring your graduates, staff, live video calls, pre-recorded videos, photo slideshows and music. 

You can even have some pomp and circumstance processionals by submitting senior pictures that will playout while music plays at the beginning of your event.  Then, we switch to the MC who hosts the event.   From there, your Valedictorian, salutatorian and admin speechers can be delivered via live videocall or pre-recorded videos that play out in the time slot as if they're live.  At the conclusion of each speaker we cut back to your MC who introduces the next speaker, event, etc.  It's LIVE TV done livestream on a URL specific to your school.

During the event parents, friends & staff can chat in the public chatrooms on your channel URL.  This allows viewers to participate too.  Your graduation is know interactive :)


  • This is live Television livestream, on your own private channel
  • Students & Admin can videocall in from anywhere to be live during the ceremony
  • Videocalls can be with a phone, laptop, tablet or computer
  • Parents and friends can watch from home, anywhere, anytime
  • Watch on phones, laptops, tablets, computers, smart TV and other devices
  • Live chat, on the same page as the stream, during the stream so students, family, etc can share in the fun
  • Students & Staff can be live or use pre-recorded videos for their role in the ceremony
  • Both live remotes and videos playout as if they're live
  • Schedule your show just like normal, meaning, the stream runs just like a real event, according to your program timeline
  • Speakers can go one after the other, just like it works on the stage
  • Admin can monitor the stream and immediately mute or disconnect students who are inappropriate
  • Password-protected, Secure URL for your school, ie;
  • Have students submit photos & videos for a slideshow.  We do the work for you
  • Student names appear in overlays with each livestream or video submitted
  • The livestream is branded with your school logo or other graphics you submit
  • Everything is recorded.  You can give this to students or keep in your archive.

  • You can sell the recording via our shopping cart, if you want

Time is running short, availability is VERY limited.  Contact US immediately.