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Life's special moments matter and sharing them should be simple and easy.  We make it easy for you and your family.

  • Our secure, password-protected, reliable, discrete livestream service allows family and friends of the departed to participate remotely. 
  • We create a personal URL, (for example: for every livestream so viewers do not accidentally interrupt another livestreamed memorial.  Every URL is private and only for the departeds family and friends.
  • Remotely located family and friends can participate LIVE via our secure two-way livestream system.  This is NOT a public system like "zoom".  This is private broadcast technology we use to connect corporate meetings together in a secure environment.  We believe this is the best way for families and friends to be part of the memorial if they're unable to attend in person.  Remotely located guests can talk face to face from anywhere in the world as if they are in the same room.  
  • We record everything so the family can have copies afterwards if they choose.
  • Photos or videos, lifestory short films, audio clips, etc.  can be included in the livestream.

Take a moment, fill in the form and we will call you promptly to answer any further questions you have :)