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Debates, Forums, Townhall Livestream

Challenge your opponent in live debate, in front of your voters across social media, from your living room while connecting to the studio virtually.  Share to your entire voter base.

Debates are LIVE, moderated and timed. We send you a link where you will login with your laptop/webcam/microphone and connect live with the studio.  Both you and your opponent share a split screen featuring your name, political party and region.  Your moderator will conduct the debate, explain the rules so viewers understand and ask the questions.

You, your team or constituents provide the questions and an agreed-upon moderator (we can provide unbiased moderators if you can not agree on your own), you set the debate date and time.  All debates are streamed LIVE on www.facebook.com/tvpbn  and www.facebook.com/tvpbn 

The moderator will present questions that have been submitted by you or your opponent or the general public at the discretion of the candidates mutual agreement

The debaters monitor shows a countdown timer so each debater knows how much remaining time they have to speak.  At the conclusion of the countdown the rebut timer begins.  

All debaters may have copies of the recording for their own use at the conclusion of the debate.  You will have "rights" to utlitize the debate video in any manner you wish.

We assist in marketing the debate via paid & targeted social media, local news outlets and various other organizations.  We do our best to get the word out about the event.

  • Be a debater, fill in the Debater Signup form and we will contact you immediately to setup date and time.



TVpbn, Livestream Network is very proud to host the debates and desires that all persons involved have the greatest chance of success.  Here is some information to help the debate run smoothly with the highest production quality possible using internet connections.

  1.  It is best if the candidate uses a laptop with a hardwired  internet connection, (network cable attached directly to the router) NO WIFI connections.  WIfi is unreliable and can stop working at random times.  So, if possible each candidate and moderator should be hardwired to their router whether that is at home or wherever they will be during the debate.  If there is no hardwired internet and laptop available for the candidate then be sure their phone has very solid signal with as many bars of signal as possible.  Bad signal can destroy a perfectly good debate simply because the candidate could have trouble hearing and seeing their opponent.
  2. IF the candidate wants to hear the other candidate clearly, they should wear earpods or some low-profile headset/earpiece connected directly to the laptop.  IF they do not wear some sort of headset or earpiece they will have difficulty hearing their opponent.  This is because of how remote systems handle audio.  There is no way around this.  This is why all radio DJs wear headphones.  They want to ensure they can hear everything properly.  The moderator MUST wear a headset/earpiece to be able to hear the studio properly without anybody else hearing.  This is how the moderator hears cues from the studio.
  3. Lighting is super super important.  We want the candidates to look their best.  Make sure you have good lighting on their faces.  We don’t want dark circles or shadows hiding their face.  Position them away from windows.  Do NOT position them with their backs to a window because the light from the window will cause their webcam to go dark.
  4. Position the candidate so the background behind them is uncluttered and simple.  Complex backgrounds can be distracting to the viewer and detract from the candidates message.
  5. If candidates do not have adequate equipment for the debate, TVpbn can provide equipment, ie;  cameras, microphones, monitors and personnel for an additional charge.
  6. Do not wear striped clothing.  Stripes cause a moire pattern on some devices which lead to distracted viewers. 
  7. On debate day candidates should arrive and call into the studio no later than 30 minutes prior to stream time.  This gives us time to work out any last second bugs that may occur.  We hope, we pray, we work to prevent issues but murphy’s law sometimes applies so we want to make sure we have time if needed.
  8. All graphics and data should be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the debate.  Graphics must be hosted on a website.  The graphic is served to the system via the URL of the image by right clicking on the image, choosing “Copy image address” and pasting that address into the spreadsheet provided.  The spreadsheet provided is the responsibility of the moderator and debate coordinator.  The studio can not make modifications to the questions, topics, names or other data.  We are a non-partisan studio and will remain so.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that all data is accurate.
  9. The rules of the debate are the responsibility of the candidates.  They should come to a satisfactory  agreement with their opponents.  On the day of the debate we will comply to the best of our ability to adhere to the debate rules they have agreed upon.  The Moderator is in charge of compliance between candidates.
  10. Debates can be up to 90 minutes long at the discretion of the candidates according to whatever they have agreed upon.
  11. All debates will livestream at www.facebook.com/tvpbn where they can be shared live, embedded on candidate websites, shared across social media profiles, etc.  as well as shared afterward.  Previously streamed debates will remain visible at www.facebook.com/tvpbn forever unless removed by facebook.
  12. Candidates may have copies of the debate recordings to use for their purposes however they see fit in the media.   Candidates may download the recordings or they can send a harddrive to:

    TVpbn, Livestream Network
    3801 SW 1st Ave.
    New Plymouth, ID 83655
  13. Payment for debates must be made at the time of the debate booking.  Dates and times for debates will not be reserved until payment has been made in full.  Payments can be made at:  www.tvpbn.com/billpay  Rates for political candidates are calculated as follows:  Population of the area you represent times 1 cent per person.  If you represent 10,000 people in your area you would calculate 1 cent times 10,000 people which equals $100.  Then you would pay $100 to TVpbn to register yourself for the debate.  Each debater must pay this fee individually.  Moderators are exempt from paying this fee.
  14. Technical questions can be directed to  Geoffrey Hill  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   All other concerns should be directed to:  Alex Chavarria This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for hosting your debate on TVpbn, Livestream Network