Channel Partner

Own a TV channel.  For over 50 years people have been making money on television.  Join the revolution in online television by owning and producing your own TV channel.  Our channels are programmable using day-part scheduling just like how television works.  You can schedule shows to playout at a certain day and time for your viewers.  Upload videos, build the schedule, watch it playout at the time you specify.  

All channels are also "Livestream" capable.  This means you can setup your regularly scheduled content and at any given time you can override the pre-recorded content and "go live" on your channel.  Think "breaking news" reports live in the field.

When you become a channel partner you are free to market your channel, build your viewership, sell commercials, host news shows, talkshows, sporting events, etc. all within your own channel.

You can turn your channel into a pay-per-view channel and sell tickets to live events on your channel.

Unlimited viewers, unlimited hours.

2TB Bandwidth included.  Bandwidth overage @ 14 cents/gb

Duration: 1 month
Price: $1,000.00