Community Partners Win!

TVpbn broadcasts concerts, local events, and community projects across our channels and social media outlets. We get tens of thousands of viewers from these broadcasts locally and nationwide. Most recently we broadcast a Jet Boat race in Ontario, Oregon and had 218,000 views of the race broadcast.

You could benefit as a community partner reaching these viewers. We actively promote every broadcast across social media. This means that your branding is seen by those viewers.

Here’s how it works:
On every broadcast we display our community partners logos and website URL on screen for the entire event. The logos rotate every 5 to 30 seconds depending on the event. With 12 partners that means your logo is shown one time every single minute of the hour. Over the course of a two hour broadcast that means the viewers will see your logo and website URL approximately 120 times. If the broadcast had 1000 viewers then your logo will have had 120,000 impressions from that one single broadcast. Now, multiply this by multiple broadcasts and you end up with a whole ton of brand awareness of you and your business.

This is actually more exposure than you get on traditional TV and print media because we are specifically targeting viewers for the particular program we’re showing in your area.

In other words:
If the program is about Jet Boats we will target jet boat owners, motorcycle owners, snowmobile owners, and other demographics both locally as well as nationally. Targeted marketing of every broadcast makes the difference.

Check out some suggested options for becoming a community partner. We want you with us!

Community Partner Options

Increase your brand exposure

You know your business better than we do. Here are some suggested ways we can include your brand in broadcasts. Logo placement, Website URL display, your TV commercial plays, and more. We are open to your suggestions.

Top Left Corner LOGO/URL
This position is static and is only occupied by one partner LOGO/URL for the entire broadcast.
Top Right Corner Timeclock LOGO/URL
During sporting events where a timeclock is used this position hosts multiple logos/URL that rotate every 5 to 6 seconds roughly. The timeclock is where the majority of viewers eyes go during sporting events and therefore gives your brand easy exposure.
Bottom Left Corner LOGO/URL
This position rotates logos every 5 to 6 seconds roughly. This position is shared with multiple partners and therefor costs less to host your branding there.
Bottom Center LOGO/URL
This position is static and is reserved for the one main title partner of the broadcast. There is only one main title partner.
Bottom Right Corner LOGO/URL
This position rotates logos every 5 to 6 seconds roughly. This position is shared with multiple partners and therefor costs less to host your branding there.
Your branding displays fullscreen during the event. This means your logo will appear at random times for roughly 5 seconds each time. Since your logo is showing fullscreen the viewer will see your logo/URL guaranteed. We display your logo is often as is feasible.
Whenever we cut to an instant replay clip your logo/URL will show for 1-2 seconds before AND after the instant replay clip plays.
Your TV commercial will play a minimum of X number of times during a particular broadcast. Commercials play fullscreen and are exclusive while they are playing. Commercials are typically from 5 to 15 seconds long but can be longer if needed.

Screen Placement Example