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In today's world you don't need an expensive camera crew to cover the news.  You need a smartphone with internet connection!  But you worry that a smartphone all by itself looks amateur.  Your worries are over.

With nothing but your smartphone or laptop, or whatever connected device you have, you can conduct remote interviews in realtime and present split screen, quad screen, live on-location, talkshows, newshour shows and more with nothing but your phone and a connection to our studios.   We add the graphics, text, photos, video clips, sound bites, phone calls, skypes, zooms and more freeing you up to write and gather news.  

When you're ready to go-live with a breaking story, just make a quick call to our studio and we'll get you on-air in no-time.  

Every reporter has their own login and password to our system.  Once you login, your phone camera will be connected live into the studio where we will push out your signal to social media, your website, our website and many other destinations ALL in a professional format that doesn't look like youtube cats jumping videos.

You will be able to communicate with the director to coordinate your segment.  You can bring interviewees into the stream with you simultaneously as well as phone calls, skypes, zooms, photos, video clips and more can be integrated to spruce up your story.  

Just fill in the form and we'll contact you and get your story up!