We bring the studio to your location

  • Great opportunity for colleges to experience your talent.
  • Use this for scholarships submission
  • Send your recording to directors, talent agents, promoters, etc
  • Recorded professionally
  • Immediately produced and given to you.*
  • Showcasing you and your talents
  • Audio or Video


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vMix Capture 20 October 2017 23 08 33


  • How much do you charge?  Rates start at $25.
  • How long does it usually take for delivery?  We give you the recording at the end of your session
  • How is everything delivered?  IF you bring a thumbdrive we'll put it on your drive, otherwise, we'll burn your recording to a CD or DVD on the spot.
  • What do I need to do for this?  Practice practice practice and then bring whatever music you want to use for your session or bring your instrument if you're playing the instrument.  If you bring something make sure it's in mp3 format so we can play it immediately without doing any file conversions.
  • How far will you travel to do studio sessions?  We travel worldwide
  • Will you do classroom recordings?  Yes. We will record anywhere you want.
  • How's the quality?  We shoot all productions in 4K, output in HD.  All audio is recorded at 24/96 resolution and output at CD quality
  • Can I schedule months in advance?  Yes, That's a great idea actually.  You don't want to miss out on very very limited dates.
  • Can more than one person participate in the recording session at the same time?  Yes!  It's your session time.  You can have anybody you want with you if it makes you comfortable.

How it works

  1. Schedule your session here
  2. Bring whatever music accompaniment you need (for vocalists) or bring your instrument (musicians)
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and drink plenty of water.  Being properly hydrated does make a difference in performance quality.
  4. Arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled session time.  If you are late we will not be able to "fit you in" unless nobody else is scheduled for the next session time.
  5. Give us your music on thumbdrive if you're singing to a music track
  6. Have fun in your session.  It's your time to shine!
  7. At the end of your session we will save your finished tracks onto your thumbdrive
  8. Send your recordings to music directors, scholarships, etc.