The Champion Sponsorship Package

The Champion Sponsorship Package
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  • You are the primary sponsor of the LIVE broadcast. Every break will be "brought to you by...." You banners will grace the most visible spaces at the show arena, right on the lighting rig, walls, etc. Sportscasters will interview your people, feature your products and more. You design the coverage.
  •  Commercial production in cinema 4k
  •  One 15 second commercial in 4k
  •  One 30 second commercial in 4k
  •  1000 plays per month
  •  Six months social media marketing
  •  Sportscaster Endorsement
  •  3 Lower third advertising bugs
  •  One infomercial interview
  •  40 plays during the live broadcast
  •  Free access to Pay-Per-View of the fights LIVE for up to 100 viewers of your choice
  •  Light Tower Banner Placement on all 4 towers in the primary location (1'x4')
  •  1 VIP Table (seating for 8)
  •  Ten Main Floor Passes ($650 value)
  •  Ten balconey passes ($200 value)
  •  8 drink vouchers
  •  Company logo on 100 posters
  •  Company logo on 5000 flyers
  •  Wall-Hung Banners (Sponsor Provided)
  •  Cage Corner-Post Branding
  •  Ringside Banners (Sponsor Provided)
  •  Roundcard Signage
  •  Live MC Announcements during the live show
  •  Event Program Listing as the MAIN Event Sponsor
  • Complimentary Appetizers


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