• FREE* no cost to you.
  • Multiple 4k or HD cameras
  • Multi-track audio, up to 32 tracks
  • Final master delivered as download or DVD format
  • 4K or HD recording quality
  • All recording is at your location

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vMix Capture 20 October 2017 23 08 33

The situation:

You've got events coming up, people worked hard to perform flawlessly, you want it recorded properly but you can't do everything yourself.

The Solution:

We bring out multiple cameras, microphones, digital mixer, snake, video production system to your event.  We run all the mics and camera cables where they need to be.  You perform, we record.

Afterwards we return to our studio and do the mixdown.  Once mixdown is finished we'll output the master to a downloadable file or a master DVD.  

We post the downloadable files on www.tvpbn.com and make copies of the master DVD available to parents and performers as commemorative items.  Parents and performers can purchase copies of the recording for themself.

How it works

We need your help to let people know we're recording your show. 

  1. Announce the recording at the start of your show
  2. Insert the order form into the show program
  3. Send the order form home with students and create a deadline to place orders
  4. When students bring completed forms to class collect them and get them to us asap
  5. When people purchase the DVD we mail to them in US Mail.

We take care of everything.  You just get the word out and collect the order forms.