We provide the following:

  • Wireless Headset & Handheld Microphones
  • Video switcher so your powerpoints,  graphics & videos seamlessly display on the screens
  • Confidence monitors
  • HD Video Projectors
  • Countdown Timers
  • Sound System
  • 4K and HD Cameras
  • Stage Lighting
  • Effect and Uplighting
  • LIVE Stream to any platform you choose
  • Full AV Crew on-site

So, bring you powerpoints, presenters, video clips and graphics and we'll get it all on the screens just the way you like it.

Equipment matters!

When you want a professional result you need to invest in professional equipment. We bring the right stuff for your projects.

We work our butts off for you

Lots of people want to know what makes us special. How about:  

  • 37+ years of experience?
  • Client list that goes on and on and on spanning 3 decades around the world?
  • Absolute dedication to your project and doing everything we can do to make it sparkle and shine no matter what?
  • Yes, it could be all of those things.

We started in 1982 and spent a lot of years learning the ropes and perfecting the art.

When we work for you, we're all in. We're with you for the duration and we never give up.

Who are you going to trust with your production needs?

We invite you to trust us. We're the Television Public Broadcast Network and we love to make things great for you!



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One is good, 3+ is great!
It goes without saying that if one camera is good, multiple camera angles is fantastic. That's why every major live broadcast uses several cameras to cover the action correctly.
Sound must be pristine
While it's good to make pretty pictures, if you can't hear clearly, it's just pretty pictures. The sound is worth 70% of your production value, we get it done right. We use line-array technology to distribute the sound evenly wherever you need it.
Wireless Microphones
It may seem trivial for us to mention wireless microphones but the truth is, there are huge options in this area. We only use Sennheiser wireless. You know why? They're practically bullet-proof reliable. When the sound matters, you want your mics to keep on keepin' on, right?
Live Graphics & Powerpoints
Your logo, your powerpoints, your videos, timeclocks, scoreboards, etc. can all be inserted live into the broadcast or onto your video projection system up to 4k quality too!
Instant Replay
While instant replay is usually something you only see in sports, you can take advantage of it in business also. You dream it up, we'll do it. What could you do if the live cameras play back instantly at your next conference?
Video Projection
From LIVE cameras to powerpoints to remote call-ins to your phone screens to websites to twitter and facebook live commenting we can get anything onto the projectors at your events.
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