LIVE Broadcast Production Service Levels

We provide you the service you need

  • Level One, Channel Access Grant
  • FREE
  • Login and stream to one of our channels or a private channel. The channel can be a pay-per-view channel. We share the profits with you. Viewers purchase a ticket to watch your event on the channel, you get a large percentage of the profit, of course. It's your event. You choose the ticket price ($10-$15 is recommended).
  • Level Two, Simulated Live Broadcast (Client supplied footage)
  • FREE
Live broadcast production is not the same as live event production.
We are not a replacement for your in-house AV crew.
A live broadcast is a separate production process from a live event at an arena, even if the two are at the same place. You need to have crew for your live event and crew for the broadcast also. Most live event production crew does not automatically shoot interviews with performers, insert logos and commercials and lower thirds on the broadcast feed, work with on-camera talent to fill in between band breaks while the AV production crew is setting up for the next artist to come on stage. The needs of a broadcast are almost always outside the scope of what the event A/V crew was hired for. The A/V is too busy producing your event to be handling the broadcast needs also. YOU NEED A SEPARATE CREW FOR BROADCAST.