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Timberline High School

Timberline High School Music Channel PLEASE NOTE:: You can purchase DVDs and CDs...

Photo Booth Expo

Photobooth Expo Seminars-On-Demand These are all of the seminars from all the pa...

Pat Johnson Photography

Originally from Cleveland, Pat Johnson has been a successful photographer in the...

Your brand is alive. It sleeps, eats, and works for you every day. Anybody can do a live stream, but you still have to market to get viewers.

Social media is now officially the largest community on Earth. When it comes to marketing your brand we utilize the megaphone capabilities of social media to connect with people worldwide. In marketing timing and message is everything. Start your promotion in social media as soon as you announce your show.

Using a combination of organic manual and automated targeting we take your message and push it to the specific people who want you in their world. As awareness increases so does the buzz.

Promo video clips are now vital to your marketing.  You may have noticed the increase of video clips in your newsfeeds.  The reason for this is simple. Videos attract viewers eyeballs.  If you need help producing clips, we can help you.  Video clips easily attract 8 times more attention than a photo.  Be sure to include promo videos in your marketing campaign.

Believe it or not, email marketing is still useful.  If your email has the message viewers want to see, they open your email.  This is why Amazon sends email to you everyday, it works.  We use email marketing to enhance social media campaigns.

It's a numbers game. The more people see your message, the more they are willing to tune in.

 TV now is the same screen experience. The same screen that shows tv also shows the things that viewers buy. Everything is now just one click away from buyers. Combining shopping with same screen entertainment creates a symbiosis that draws the buyers into your message faster and cleaner than ever before in history.

When buyers can watch your programming and purchase your products on the same page, you have shortened the stretch into their wallets. Shortening that stretch increases your odds of winning what you want most, cash.

 We know people are buying. As we target viewers your message reaches them just in time, right when they're ready to purchase.